"The ad apocalypse is upon us.


Today millions are downloading ad-blocking software, and still more are paying subscription premiums to avoid ads. This $600 billion industry is now careening toward outright extinction after having taken for granted a captive audience for too long, a choice that has led to lazy, overabundant, and frankly annoying ads. Make no mistake, Madison Avenue: Traditional advertising as we know it is over."

--- Andrew Essex, book, “The End of Advertising”



...be the


A future filled with more irrelevant, irritating and annoying online ads would suck. We want to do something about this.

We understand your problem.

Reaching new customers is hard. Retaining existing ones is even harder.

Split the problem.

Existing networks are great for reaching new eyes. Use them to build your Brand story.

However, when it comes to engaging with your audience, you need a better tool.

WonUpIt is that tool.

Throughout the history of marketing, there has been nothing more powerful than organic growth, propelled by Brand loyalists.

WonUpIt's focus is on getting you closer to your existing customers.

We do this in 3 ways:



Use WonUpIt to create challenges for your customers to take part in. Reward great content produced by your customers. Reward them in any way you like: social votes, your top pick, random winners.
Customers create content for you in hopes of being rewarded for it. At the very least, they have your attention, so they expect better marketing strategies from you that will add value to their lives.
Remember: they can choose whether or not to share their data with you. So keep your rewards legit, meaningful, and exciting!



We share with you the content created by users using a creative commons sublicense. This content is in its original high-quality form.
You can use this content in your online and offline strategies to create a better Brand story by showcasing actual use cases, highlighting benefits, or focusing on amazing user stories.
The possibilities are endless when you've got your customers on your side. Stop trying to push them away with low-conversion, lazy advertising.



One. More. Thing.
We take it a step further, by giving you custom analytics about what is actually in those pieces of content. You're not going to find this on Facebook or Google.
Want to know who's drinking a cup of cappuccino versus a shot of espresso in #MorningCoffee? Check.
Want to know what the color of the sneakers that the users are wearing in #GymShoes? Done.
Want to know which products are being used by customers in #MyMakeupRoutine? Confirmed.
This database of your customer's preferences grows the more you use WonUpIt. The point of this type of information is for bespoke marketing. Custom campaigns for individuals with similar preferences.
Let's stop blanket bombing the internet with irrelevant information via ads with the hope of having a small percentage of viewers actually care and convert.
Let's take a more focused approach, where value creation is the primary motive. This will win you customers. This will keep them coming back.

This is what the future could look like with WonUpIt.

Personal. Effective. Valuable.


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Hi Sam,


We loved the video you submitted for our #HikingViews challenge! The Appalachian Trail is beautiful in the summer.


You didn't win the challenge, but we wanted to let you know that we've launched a new pair of hiking pants that would go really well with those brown shoes and green shirt you've got. Why don't you stop by the store sometime this week so that you can try them on?

Looking forward to seeing you soon! Oh and don't forget, we've got an amazing reward for our upcoming #WeekendAdventures challenge on WonUpIt!


Have a great day.


Sam's favorite Hiking Company