WonUpIt Data Collection Policy (in simple English)

Updated September 21st, 2018

DISCLAIMER: this is for informational purposes only. Our legally binding Privacy Policy and Terms of Service should be read by you before using the App. This document simply summarizes all the important points for you to glance over. Every point listed here has a multitude of legal requirements that are listed in the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.




  1. Region​: any location in the world.

  2. App​: refers to the Android or iOS application available on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

  3. Application​: general terminology used for the entire application (frontend app and backend servers).

  4. Thread​: a hashtag challenge.

  5. Post​: a user image or video posted inside a challenge hashtag thread.

  6. Brand​: any organization with a paid account, in any region, which creates a hashtag challenge thread.

Data Collection:

  1. Your phone number is gathered when you register for the App.

  2. Further information regarding you, such as name, username, address, gender and age may be collected while you interact with the App. Note: you have to give us permission before we can gather this information.

  3. Your geo-location, directly from the App or through Posts made by you, may be collected by the App.

  4. Your Posts may reveal sensitive information, for example: racial profile, gender and religion. Only Post whatever you are comfortable sharing publicly.

  5. Your phone book will be stored on the server, spread across multiple regions, to allow us to find your friends who are on the App. You have to give us permission to do this. We will never share your phone book data with any third-party service provider.


Data Sharing:

  1. Your Posts can be viewed or stored by other user’s (who can view the Thread) across various regions.

  2. Your Posts posted in Threads are visible to all the user’s followers and their followers. This data can be captured and stored by any user who has the ability to view the thread. Again, please only post what you are happy to share publicly.

  3. If you Post an image or video in a public thread, that image or video is shared with all users using the app.

  4. If you participate in a challenge started by a Brand, and have opted-in to receive rewards, then your Post may be shared with that particular Brand. The Brand has complete access to your Post and your data, and has the sublicense to modify and use the Post for their organization. This includes but is not limited to advertisements, analysis and customer identification.

  5. If you participate in a challenge started by a Brand, and have opted-out to receive rewards, your Post and data is not shared with the Brand.

  6. Your Post and data will always be made available for the internal WonUpIt development team for auditing and processing.

Data Tracking:

  1. Every action performed by you within the App is tracked by the Application. This helps us fix bugs, trace issues and build a much more stable product. It also helps us understand you better so that we can provide you with a great WonUpIt experience.

  2. The Application also tracks the time you spend on the App.

  3. The App may also track the user’s location, if you have given the necessary permissions.

Data Storage and Transfer

  1. Data is primarily stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS) clusters, on multiple databases. These clusters are mainly situated in the USA (Oregon). However, part of the data might reside in a different region due to load balancing, localization, performance enhancements or other similar factors.

  2. Data may be duplicated across multiple regions to provide faster service.

  3. The data may be duplicated and used for internal purposes by the development team.

  4. Your Posts are stored in Amazon S3.

  5. The primary Amazon S3 server is located in the USA (Oregon), however, a part of the data might reside on S3 servers located in a different region.

  6. Data transfer from the S3 server is not directly streamed to you. It is routed through different regions to reduce latency. The transfer route is not constant and may vary for each user.

  7. Data from the S3 server may temporarily reside in a different region due to caching. The duration and data changes based on the user’s requests. 

  8. User Posts may be transferred to organizations or Brands across different regions.

  9. Data backups or archives may be stored in a different region as to the primary cluster.


Data Privacy:

  1. Part of your data, for example username or profile image, is accessible to all users across the App.

  2. Your Post posted in a Thread is visible to all the user’s followers and their followers.

  3. User’s data can be used internally by the development team.

  4. If you participated in a Brand’s challenge, your Post and data will be shared with the corresponding brand. This brand may be located in a different region.

  5. Your data may be sent to different organizations for auditing.

  6. Partial or complete data may be sent to government agencies when appropriate claims or documents are provided.

  7. Your geo-location or activity log is available for the development team for analytics and processing.

Data Deletion:

  1. Your data can never truly be deleted from every server, it can be removed from public display, but might still exist. Even in the rare case, if the data gets deleted, the backups or archive may contain your data. Over time, this data might get purged from the internet, however copies might exist based on previously publicly shared Posts and data.

  2. if you explicitly request to delete your account, the account will be made invisible, i.e. the current followers and Brands will be unable to view your account. However, your data in previous Brand challenges may be shared with the corresponding Brand.

  3. If you explicitly request to delete your account, most of your Posts will be made invisible to active users of the App. However, these images/videos will exist on the server and may be shared with the development team or various organizations on request. You can make a request to delete all of your data and we will do everything we can to ensure that your data is erased from our servers, however this does not guarantee that your data is removed from every server (used by us or other third parties like Brands and service providers like AWS).

  4. Data from the deleted user’s account may be used for analysis or as a training data by the development team.


Please note that this document may change in the future based on new requirements and user feedback.