WonUpIt Android and iOS public betas are now live
Download and start WonUp'ing the World!

You will be taken to TestFlight; an app beta testing tool provided by Apple. First, you need to download TestFlight, then get the WonUpIt app. This is only temporary! We will be releasing WonUpIt to the Apple App Store soon.


You will be taken to the Google Play store. Please leave us a review if you enjoy your WonUpIt experience!

Wait wait wait... what is "WonUpIt"? 🧐

We built WonUpIt because we believe that everyone takes super awesome photos and videos 😎 but it ends up sitting in your phone 😑 We want you to use your content to 'WonUp' everyone else (do one better).

So, how does it "work"? 🤓

Hashtag gets released

You post a photo

Pick your fav post and give it a Medal!


Most Medals when the Hashtag ends wins!


We don't repeat Hashtags for at least 1 year, so enjoy the glory you rockstar 🤩 

Uhhh, I'm sooooooper busy, why should I even care? 🤪

When you take part in a Hashtag, you're competing with everyone else. Your bff, baby bro, silly sister, friends, strangers and that creepy neighbor

You get WonUpIt points for giving Medals, receiving Medals, picking the right winner and WonUp'ing! Higher WonUpIt points means your parents will love you more 👴🏽👵🏽

Whether to just pass some time or to get your creative juices flowing, WonUpIt is built just for you 😘


So...how will you #WonUpTheWorld?

😘 We love you more than your crazy ex, check out the app and tell us what you think 😘