WonUpIt Campus Program
Referral Score

Welcome to the WonUpIt Campus Program! We want to spread WonUpIt across the world, and we cannot do it without our awesome Ambassadors! Each Ambassador will get a unique referral code that is linked to your college. When you invite users to check out the WonUpIt app, make sure they use your referral code when they sign up!


 Your referral score will only increase if people whom you invite to use the app actually use the app frequently and enjoy their WonUpIt experience. Just getting a bunch of random downloads will not help you, or us.


Ambassador Referral Scores

 Referral Scores are updated in the morning & evening, daily

Team Scores

All Ambassadors from one college work together as a team.

Scores Explained

Anyone who uses your referral code contributes to your referral score! The more people love the app, the more they use it, and the higher your score becomes. It is not about getting downloads; your score will not increase unless the people downloading the app use it and enjoy their experience.

Referral Score = depends on how engaged the people who used your referral code are on the WonUpIt app

Benefits Ladder!

You unlock these benefits as your All-Time Referral Score increases!

Total Referral Score
Benefits Unlocked
Hero Zero
Welcome to Team WonUpIt!
Yay! You got your first referrals, high-five
Baby WonUp'er
Access to Skills Development Training
WonUp'ing Toddler
WonUpIt T-Shirt
Teenage WonUp'er
Access to WonUpIt Community events (free food + drinks!)
Rockstar WonUp'er
Certificate of Participation
Ultimate WonUp'er
Certificate of Excellence
Beast Mode WonUp'er
Rs. 500 Amazon Gift voucher
WonUpIt Guruji
Letter of Recommendation
Lord of WonUpIt
WonUpIt Merch Basket (Cap + T's + Stickers + Badges)
Keys to the company
Rs. 1,000 Amazon Gift Voucher