WonUpIt x JNC Freshers Day

July 11, 2019

WonUpIt hosted a Hashtag for JNC Freshers to take part in during their Freshers Day celebrations!

WonUpIt x The Weekend Carnival, Bangalore

July 05, 2019

WonUpIt hosted 6 Hashtags across two days for attendees of "The Weekend Carnival" to take part in! Food, fashion, and photography!

WonUpIt x Symbiosis, Bangalore (SSMC-B)

July 02, 2019

Team WonUpIt pitched the app and the Campus Ambassador program to students at SSMC-B! 

WonUpIt x Mount Carmel Freshers Day

June 25, 2019

Our Ambassadors and Reps spread some WonUpIt love across MCC's campus during Freshers day!

Atlanta Startup Village, Atlanta, USA

June 23, 2019

We got a chance to pitch WonUpIt at the largest startup community meetup in the south-east! Check out the link to watch the pitch! 

The Consumer Show, Atlanta, USA

June 05, 2019

WonUpIt was featured in "The Consumer Show" in Atlanta, USA at Switchyards Downtown Club! We got a chance to pitch the app and our progress to the Atlanta startup community!

WonUpIt x Infinity 2k19 @ Jain University

May 20, 2019

May 21st - 22nd, 2019 | Infinity 2k19 @ Jain University!

Location: Jain University, Kanakapura, Bangalore, India

WonUpIt is the entertainment sponsor for the college fest!

We'll be releasing 21 Hashtags throughout the fest days on the WonUpIt app! We're introducing a new type Hashtag: Community Choice. Give a Medal to your favorite real-life performance for the fest events!

This event has now ended. Check out our Instagram and Facebook pages for pictures!

WonUpIt Freaky Friday x IPL Playoffs

May 09, 2019

Location: Hangover Indiranagar, Bangalore

WonUpIt guest list perks! No cover, Hashtags released through the night for you to take part in, 15% off your total bill (food + drinks) and 1+1 shot special (9pm - 10pm)!

This event has now ended. Check out our Instagram and Facebook pages for pictures!

WonUpIt Mid week rager! x IPL Playoffs

May 06, 2019

Location: Hangover HSR

WonUpIt guest list perks! No cover, extra special specials on drinks & food all night long, happy hour all night long, huge 20-foot screen, exclusive area, Hashtags released through the night.

This event has now ended. Check out our Instagram and Facebook pages for pictures!

Android v1.11.0 is now LIVE! *update alert*

April 18, 2019

WonUpIt v-1.11.0 - Beta Release

- This is a big one! Lots of issues fixed: card background images now work, Home feed order now works, and various other tiny UI improvements that all go a long way
- Look out for more bug fixes over the next few weeks! 

Happy WonUp’ing

iOS v5 (0.23) is now LIVE! *update alert*

April 15, 2019

Bugs crushed in the Thread and Home screens that were causing image and crash issues.

You can give us feedback at this link: or by emailing us at

Thank you!

Android v1.10.1 is now LIVE! *update alert*

April 10, 2019

- Design update! We’ve made many many small improvements across the whole app

- There are a few known bugs in the Thread screen that we are currently tracking, expect an update next week!


Happy WonUp’ing!

WonUpIt x Jain University (MBA)

April 08, 2019

Team WonUpIt brought our Campus Ambassador program to the MBA students at Jain University!

iOS v5 (0.22) is now LIVE! *update alert*

April 07, 2019

We've made a ton of improvements across the whole app! Animations are improved, many bugs are fixed, and a few nice design updates have been made.

Coming soon:
- User profiles
- WonUpIt score
- Settings
- Support
- Push Notifications

You can give us feedback at this link: or by emailing us at

Thank you!

iOS v5 (0.17) is now LIVE! *update alert*

March 17, 2019

These Hashtags are currently live on the app: #Indulge, #Me&MyPet, and #iMessedUp!

In this build, we reworked the entire Hashtag screen. Scrolling through responses is smoother, transitions are better, crashes are fewer, and the overall stability of the app has improved! We also tackled a few other pesky bugs.

You can give us feedback at this link: or by emailing us at


Thank you for testing and being a part of this journey!

WonUpIt x Mount Carmel College

February 28, 2019

Team WonUpIt pitched to the E-Cell students at Mount Carmel College. This was the kickoff event that started the WonUpIt Campus Ambassador Program!

iOS v5 (0.15) is now LIVE! *update alert*

February 24, 2019

Quick update to v5 (0.14) to fix a bug that was occurring when users were trying to WonUp a post.

iOS v5 (0.14) is now LIVE! *update alert*

February 21, 2019

These Hashtags are currently live on the app: #MyPartyCrew, #EthnicOutfits, #MyWeekendPlan, #EpicSunsets and #StadiumPics

In this build, you can test:



- Much faster WonUp'ing process

- Design update to all the alerts, toasts and actions sheets (lookin' slick)

- Various design bugs crushed

- Report and Delete posts



- Logging in with your phone number

- Selecting a username

- Viewing Hashtag challenges

- Viewing user responses to a Hashtag

- Flip a post to see details about it

- Selecting your favorite response by giving it a Medal

- Switching Medals between users for a Hashtag

- WonUp: Take part in a Hashtag by posting your own content


Coming soon:

- User profiles

- WonUpIt score

- Settings

- Support

- Push Notifications


You can give us feedback at this link: or by emailing us at


Thank you!


WonUpIt is back on iOS with our 2019 beta app release!

February 09, 2019

We're back on iOS with a completely new app!


We are gamifying social media. Every day we will release one Hashtag, like #HomeCooked or #TravelDiaries. These Hashtags are "live" for a few days. While the Hashtag is live, you can post one photo or video response. If other people think yours is the best response for that Hashtag, they will give you a Medal. You can only give one Medal per Hashtag, so choose wisely! Whoever has the most Medals when the Hashtag "expires" wins a Trophy!


We don't repeat Hashtags for at least a year, so revel in the fact that you're a rockstar, and do indeed have the best #OutfitOfTheDay.


Get points for taking part, giving Medals and picking the right winner. We want to give you reasons to create fun content, and allow you to take part in the action by deciding who gets to win Trophies!


In this build, you can test:

- Logging in with your phone number

- Selecting a username

- Viewing Hashtag challenges

- Viewing user responses to a Hashtag

- Flip a post to see details about it

- Selecting your favorite response by giving it a Medal

- Switching Medals between users for a Hashtag

- WonUp: Take part in a Hashtag by posting your own content


Coming soon:

- User profiles

- WonUpIt score

- Settings

- Support

- Push Notifications


You can give us feedback at this link: or by emailing us at

Android v1.9 is now LIVE! *update alert*

December 20, 2018

**Update alert!** WonUpIt v1.9.0-Beta release

- Invites, Posts, Medals, Trophies, Live, Upcoming and Past Winners screens updated

- Support for Delete Account and Delete User Data added

- FAQ's and Playstore links updated

Happy WonUp’ing!

Android v1.8 is now LIVE! *update alert*

December 07, 2018

**Update alert!** WonUpIt v1.8.0-Beta release

- Implementation of feedback gathered during beta testing 
- Home, thread, invites, posts screens updated
- Testing database cleared. Please create a new account

Happy WonUp’ing!

Android v1.7 is now LIVE! *update alert*

November 11, 2018

**Update alert!** WonUpIt v1.7.0-Beta release

- General maintenance of code and architecture

Happy WonUp’ing!

Android v1.6 is now LIVE! *update alert*

November 01, 2018

**Update alert!** WonUpIt v1.6.0-Beta release

Hashtags that are currently live on the app: #LazyDays, #WeScream4IceCream, #MugGameStrong and #FavBeer!

Post your best, gather medals, win hashtags!

Big improvement vs. last week!

- Performance improvements for the Profile screen by updating layout architecture

Fancy Improvements

- Performance monitoring added

- Updated various frameworks

Happy WonUp’ing!

Android v1.5 is now LIVE! *update alert*

October 26, 2018

**Update alert!** WonUpIt v1.5.0-Beta release


Hashtags that are currently live on the app: #MyCollection, #so90s,  #CrazyCocktails and #Classy

Post your best, gather medals, win!


Big improvement vs. last week!

- Country code & phone numbers are now dynamic based on your input and location

Bugs killed

- Image quality issues in camera capture and gallery upload screens

- Prevented lag and load issues in the camera capture and upload process

Fancy Improvements

- Better loading in the camera preview screen

Happy WonUp'ing!

Android v1.4 is now LIVE! *update alert*

October 19, 2018

**Update alert!** WonUpIt v1.4.0-Beta release


Hashtags that are currently live on the app: #Wanderlust, #Chillin', #OnMyWrist, #HealthyLunches

Post your best, gather medals, win!

Big improvement vs. last week!

- WonUpIt “score” now included in the app. We’re tracking your use of the app so that we can rank you vs. others! You won’t see the score on your profile, yet

Bugs killed

- Camera UI issue fixed, white bar

Fancy Improvements

- Thumbnail pictures will now look crisper

- Invites screen has a better description text for each mini postcard

- The app is ready for robo testing: crush more bugs!

Happy WonUp’ing!

Android v1.3 is now LIVE! *update alert*

October 12, 2018

Hashtags that are currently live on the app: #BrunchRage, #WhereIWantToBe, #BadassBabies, #SuitUp, #Chillin'

Post your best, gather medals, win!

Big improvement vs. last week!

- Architectural changes for app stability

Bugs killed

- Spelling error in the splash screen

- Trophy tile text issue

Fancy Improvements

- Check out the “Upcoming” tile on the Team WonUpIt account!

- Posts in Profile now have a better description

- Updated the default caption behavior


Happy WonUp’ing!

Android v1.2 is now LIVE! *update alert*

October 05, 2018

WonUpIt v1.2.0-Beta release

Big improvements vs. last week!

- Implemented local caching


Bugs killed

- Medal count on your Profile now shows the right count

- OTP input issue - leave the app and come back

- Notifications: 'Medal given to undefined' issue

- Days left issue while creating a challenge

- Profile pic being replaced by last post


Fancy Improvements

- Resend button and timer text visibility animation

- OTP process error handling


Happy WonUp'ing!

Android v1.1 is now LIVE! *update alert*

September 27, 2018

WonUpIt v1.1.0-Beta release

Big improvements vs. last week!

The app is now under 9mb! It was previously over 35mb. #optimization


Bugs killed
- Push notifications now work for Android Oreo and above
- Duplicate postcards were showing in Threads on refresh and scroll
- Fixed the app crashing while scrolling through the Threads screen


Fancy Improvements
- Cross-fade transition for image loading
- Thread: taping on a username now takes you to that user's profile


Happy WonUp'ing!

Android v1.0 is now LIVE! Public Beta available on the Google Play Store

September 20, 2018

It's a big day for us! Our Android v1.0-Beta is now live and ready for public testing! 

WonUpIt - making social media fun again!

WonUpIt is the platform for 'engagement'. Get rewarded for content that you create by taking part in lifestyle 'challenges'.​ Zero ads, it's all about you!

- New challenges to take part in every day!
- Each challenge is defined by a single hashtag like #BestSunset or #CutestPuppy
- Post your best content for the hashtag challenge before it expires
- Gather Medals from users all over the world
- Most Medals when the challenge hashtag expires wins that hashtag and global bragging rights!

v1.0 is our BETA release. We're excited to show the world what we've been working on. Give us feedback using the "Feedback" button in the Navigation Drawer.

iOS Alpha v0.4.0 launched + Android Alpha testing completed

August 30, 2018

iOS needed some more refinement in Alpha testing. Android is done!

The Android app is gearing up for the Beta build - using all our learnings from Alpha.

Alpha v0.3.0 launched!

August 16, 2018

More updates, more progress.

Alpha v0.2.0 launched!

August 02, 2018

Big improvements to both the iOS and Android apps were made in our v0.2.0 release! We're excited to test the bug fixes and functionality upgrades. The test group will be expanded as well.

Sign up to claim your access as a tester!

Alpha v0.1.0 launched!

July 12, 2018

We've released our Alpha v0.1.0 for iOS and Android to a small group of testers. We will update the builds regularly and send out updates. As the builds get more stable, we will invite more testers who have signed up.

After Alpha is relatively stable, we will launch our public Beta on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

WonUpIt: Quick Intro

June 06, 2018

Top three things you need to know about WonUpIt in 3 mins!


1) Engagement

2) Gamification

3) Monetization

WonUpIt: Business Description and Product Demo video released

May 30, 2018

A detailed look into WonUpIt's idea, vision and strategy. Want to know how we're going to monetize, help Brands and benefit consumers? Take a look!

Excited to announce our new Marketing & PR Intern - Simra Meher T!

May 05, 2018

Simra is a final-year undergrad at Mount Carmel College in Bangalore. She will be interning at WonUpIt for 3 months (May - August). Her focus will be on internal branding, company marketing materials, launch strategy and gathering user feedback. She's worked with a whole lot of startup's at her college campus, and brings a lot of great experience and knowledge to the WonUpIt team.

When she's not working on the future of marketing, Simra enjoys singing and hanging out with her college friends.

We're excited to have her on-board for the summer!

WonUpIt Design Feedback: updates

April 14, 2018

We've received a lot of great feedback from our early testers of the Design Prototype. 

Here are some of the comments from the feedback form (the bad first, then good):

  • Still not sure what happens when you get a trophy or what the benefit would be, at least for the test cases shown.

  • Explanation of the concept should be more understandable especially for someone who doesn’t know the concept first hand.  Explain why trophies are important to gain so that it causes incentive for active users.

  • Can be better with a little more guidance.

  • I think it would be easier to maybe put the medal voting on each photo specifically. Sort of how you can like an Instagram photo

  • Great job peeps, looking forward to testing the Android version! Been waiting for this for awhile!!

  • The design is great. Very easy to navigate, would only ask to be able to swipe on cards to flip them.

  • The idea is what i love as the normal means of social media is becoming boring!  The design is beautiful and simple to follow

  • Love the colour scheme and geometric patterns. The newsfeed looks really nice especially the blocks on the feed. I like that the pictures are not square and are a different quadrant which really looks good. The side bar is efficient and self-explanatory. I love the moving logo in the sign up page; subtle but very effective.

  • Design is good and interesting.

  • I like how clearly stated the objective of the app is. I particularly like how you’ve made it easy enough for each user to give medals and add users.

  • The way posts have been organized in cards that can be flipped and one can see the list of people on the back of the card itself. It makes it very convenient for people to discover other people

  • Nice design, simple UI

What we're doing with the feedback:

  • Seems like the biggest issue was in on-boarding

  • We intentionally left the on-boarding process the same as it was during the pilot test at Auburn: we knew it was flawed and are glad we got specific feedback about what needs improvement

  • We are completely rebuilding the on-boarding process, making it very easy for a user to get started. The on-boarding will now be intuitive and as a part of the app (instead of screens before a user signs up). We will A/B test a few concepts, stay tuned!

  • Medals can now be given directly from a post card (and from the "give Medal" button at the bottom of the Thread screen)

  • We've improved the challenge creation process as well as the WonUp process, to make it more intuitive

WonUpIt Design Prototype Launched!

March 09, 2018

We launched our Design Prototypes for iOS and Android! You can request access and take the dummy app out for a spin (email us at You will be able to create an account and check out all the app screens. Functionality is limited, however, you should be able to get a good feel of the product (we've included dummy data to test with).


Looking forward to your feedback!

Excited to announce our new Software Engineer - Coca Prajesh!

February 24, 2018

Coca joins our team as our Backend Engineer. He will be building the WonUpIt engine from scratch.

Coca holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science from the University of Dublin. He has been a professional chef for a few years and absolutely loves his food! His goal is to try every single restaurant around the WonUpIt office (there's over 300....good luck Coca!).

Eventually, he will be responsible for building our frontend web dashboard for Brands to use. This dashboard will allow Brands to create hashtag challenges, schedule hashtags, gather user generated content (from 'opt-in' users) and view custom, hyperlocal analytics. 

Welcome to Team WonUpIt Coca!

Excited to announce our new Backend Intern - Pratik Jain!

December 03, 2017

We're rebuilding our entire database structure and API calls to provide the high performance WonUpIt users have requested. Who better to lead this task than a young, energetic and talented computer whiz?! 🤔🤩


Pratik is currently a 2nd year student at IIIT-Hyderabad. He is interested in WebTechnologies and Linux Kernel development (Hardware level development) - 'quite a unique combination' as he puts it! Pratik will be working with WonUpIt for Q1 2018. 

Excited to announce our new Android Engineer - Ritesh Karmare!

November 12, 2017

As we promised, WonUpIt is coming to Android! Ritesh will be at the helm of building the WonUpIt Android platform. We've been excited about Android since day 1 of WonUpIt and are glad to have Ritesh on our full-time team tackling this challenge! 

When he's not dealing with Android video integration issues (lol but true), he enjoys working out, binge watching TV shows (the latest is "Lucifer"), playing old school classics like Counter Strike and hanging out with his friends.✌️

Excited to announce our new iOS Engineer - Shreya Chowdhury

October 23, 2017

Shreya is  our first full-time iOS engineer building the latest and greatest scalable version of WonUpIt!

When she’s not building beautiful iOS products, she likes to cook, travel, browse Insta and play with her dog. She’s also got her own multilingual magazine and YouTube cooking channel! 😃

Full-time work started on WonUpIt!

October 23, 2017

We've moved our full-time development efforts to Bangalore, India! We've hired a lead iOS Engineer and a lead Android Engineer. All the feedback we've received from Auburn University is being used to build a gamified and scalable platform for engagement. Tanveer is in Bangalore building and leading this team.

WonUpIt pilot @ Auburn update: pilot program finished!

August 30, 2017

Aaaaand that's a wrap! We gained a tremendous amount of feedback from Auburn. WonUpIt was downloaded by 4,000 people. 1,300+ challenges were started, and 3,000 posts were made.

Things we learned:

  • Users want to have some sort of 'conclusion' to challenges

  • Users want some form of real-world rewards for winning global challenges

  • Users want a better way to determine the 'winner' of a hashtag

  • The app was too slow in many cases and push notifications did not work properly

  • Not having an Android app was a hindrance to organic growth

What we're going to do with the feedback:

  • Hashtag's (challenges) will now expire after a certain time (1, 3 or 7 days)

  • Only one Medal can be given to a post within a hashtag thread

  • Once the hashtag expires, whoever has the most Medals wins a Trophy for that hashtag!

  • We're going to partner with Brands so that they can feature hashtags and give real rewards to those who win. We will add enough value to the Brand for this to be valuable to them (more on that later) - we will never show you ads on WonUpIt. Team WonUpIt challenges will also feature real rewards!

  • We're going to design and build the entire app from the ground up so that the technical difficulties faced during the pilot are eliminated

  • We're going to build an Android app completely from scratch

We want to thank our part-time lead iOS developer, Brodderick Rodriguez, for giving an insane amount of time to WonUpIt, while balancing a full school load at Auburn. He had to work with a lot of technical debt and still managed to make a badass product that was loved by many. 

We'd also like to thank our fantastic campus marketing team at Auburn, led by Monique Willmer. They were the team behind blanketing the campus with WonUpIt stickers, koozies, keychains and t-shirts. They were invaluable in getting us feedback. It was a blast working with them and we are so excited to see what they will accomplish in their future careers!

It is now clear to us that we need to hire a full-time team to work on WonUpIt so that you can get the experience you want! Stay tuned for further updates. The WonUpIt app will still be on the iOS App Store, however, new users will not be able to sign up.

War Eagle! (and Go Jackets! always, since Ross and Tanveer are GT alums :P)

WonUpIt pilot @ Auburn update: 1,000+ challenges started!

June 27, 2017

Last week we crossed 1,000 challenges started on the WonUpIt platform! Our mission has always been to promote "lifestyle based challenges"; it wouldn't come as a surprise that most of our first 1,000 challenges were focused on travel, food, partying, college and funny moments.

We created this video to thank all of our users and our fans! Check it out 😁

Excited to announce our new Cloud Advisor - Charanjit Singh

June 21, 2017

Charanjit joined our Advisory team to help in optimizing our Cloud stack. He has a lot of experience in open source analytics, hadoop, spark, hbase, kafka and other big data processing frameworks as services. He has worked on building and maintaining high scale web services for cloud. He likes to learn and experiment with new technologies that lead to increased developer productivity and better service quality.

When asked what he likes to do in his free time he told us (we added the emoji's 😎): "I like to work out in the gym 💪, spend quality time with my beautiful wife 💏, watch movies 🎥, and read about finance 💰".


We're glad to have him Advising Team WonUpIt and excited to see where his expertise takes us! 

Excited to announce our new Software Engineer - Matt Petters

June 15, 2017

Matt is a stack-agnostic software developer. He's always hunting for ways to squeeze more productivity out of less time. Recently he's been into continuous deployment, Docket and a million other things (in his words 😎 ). When he's not coding ("not often" he says), he enjoy's grilling on his porch (must be nice...), an IPA, lake days with his friends, and taking his bike down the Beltline (here in Atlanta). Excited to bring him on board!

He will be working with our team part-time for a few months to help us with our pilot MVP @ Auburn.

WonUpIt pilot @ Auburn update: 2,500+ posts and 900+ unique hashtag challenges! 🔥🔥🔥

May 24, 2017

We've had over 900 unique hashtags for people to WonUp! It's been awesome seeing all the creative challenges. We've had over 2,500 total posts on the app with people WonUp'ing each other. 


Some of our favorites: 

#MemeOfTheWeek (always amazing)






And many many more! Get on the app and WonUp The World! 

WonUpIt pilot @ Auburn update: MASSIVE update released! 😁

May 01, 2017

We're super excited to release a massive update. We've now got 15-second videos, public challenges and more! Slick UI updates too (cause you can never be too sexy). Download now and WonUp The World! ❤️

Convertible Note fund-raising Round 2 - ongoing

March 15, 2017

Excited to be working with more investors on our Convertible Debt round. Raising money to fuel our growth 💪

WonUpIt pilot @ Auburn update: Growing our team at Auburn University!

February 01, 2017

Watch out Auburn University, Team WonUpIt is coming in strong! We're excited to be growing our Campus Rep team with some exceptionally talented individuals. Look out for exciting events on campus! 😎 

Check out our Team WonUpIt page in "About" to learn more about these killer campus reps!

WonUpIt pilot @ Auburn update: 1,000 posts on WonUpIt!

January 05, 2017

Love our growing user base! WonUp Your Friends. WonUp The World!  

WonUpIt launched our pilot MVP at Auburn University!

December 02, 2016

Thank you to the 300+ students who attended the WonUpIt launch party at Quixote's on Auburn's campus. What a night it was! Auburn students, look out for more WonUpIt events on campus during the Spring semester. War Eagle! 

WonUpIt Now on YouTube

September 29, 2016

We'll be posting videos to our YouTube Channel in addition to our Facebook page. Give us a like on Facebook and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel! 

UPDATE: in May 2018 we had to reset our YouTube page due to a technical glitch. All videos can also be found on our Facebook page.

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